Surgical Drapes and Packs

Surgical procedures and wound care involving the eyes require extra caution and sensitivity and the swabs and dressing materials used must meet the highest quality standards as well. The Eurocareinternational range of products offers everything needed for each phase of surgical care: pre-, intra- and postoperative.
For example, several different types of swabs for absorbing fluids during surgery are available, all of which are characterised by their high absorbency. The low-linting material used keeps its shape and is very gentle on eye tissues. The Pro-ophta Eye Drainage Set completes the surgical products range. The processing and materials used for all of our products meet the highest quality standards and these products are part of the standard equipment for all microsurgical procedures.

Eurocareinternational eye dressings and pads come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and designs, and are designed to be used for injuries to the external eye and postoperative care. We also have eye dressings for children that are specifically designed for occlusion therapy. Across its entire range of products, L&R lives up to its high quality standards.